Kissable Lips for Valentines Day with Clarins…

It’s soon to be Valentines Day and I remember reading once how red lipstick is a man’s worst nightmare…guys, please enlighten us to whether this is true? But what I’d really like to know is whether a delicate colour gets your heart racing? Or is it all about au natural kisses? Fellah’s, It’s time to cast your vote…

The must-have colours for spring are sultry coral tones, which can be refined or more dramatic depending on which shade you choose! For you singletons (or those of you who don’t give a toss what the opposite sex thinks) go all out and opt for the sun-drenched tangerine trend that splashed its way down the runway at DSquared2 during Milan Fashion Week last year!

It sure is hot

(Milan Fashion Week: DSquared2 S/S'14)

(Milan Fashion Week: DSquared2 S/S’14)

If you prefer subtlety like me (and your boyfriend probably) then Clarins has the answer with Shade 21. I like understated lipsticks as I’m a fond lover of eye make-up and therefore prefer lips that don’t scream out for attention. My lips are also quite thin, so it simply makes sense to opt for bold eye make-up rather than drawing attention to a part of my face which isn’t really ‘all that’. However when spring arrives and I’m feeling trendy, I’m definitely going to whip out Shade 19 and live in a Tangerine Dream with lips that match my classic Sex on the Beach cocktail…

Sod what fellah’s think!


When Clarins sent me two gorgeous lipsticks along with a shimmering gloss to match, I was hoping for a desirable pout that would sit nicely aside the bold make-up looks that I wear on my eyes. And I must say, a desirable pout is what I got…my best friend’s in for a treat on Friday!

The first thing I noticed with both lipsticks was how the formula smells just like Fruit Pastilles (yum) and it’s a luscious smell that lingers as you wear it, so you have the tastiest of smiles! Lips feel hydrated and soft from the second the lipstick’s applied and it leaves a sheer finish for a sexy-looking pout!


(Shade 21)

Here’s the lipstick I’ll be rocking on Friday as I plan on wearing Clarins Eye Quartet Mineral Palette #12 (Review coming soon) on my eyelids and it’s hardly a palette that needs an accomplice!

This lipstick glides on easily – with no need to line the lips – although this would create a more striking effect if you wanted to do so. It’s dewy as opposed to matte and feels a little like a gloss on the lips but without the sticky afterthought. I like how I could wear this lipstick as a day-wear shade (as it’s more natural then it looks), but it would also see me into the night as it’s got pinky tones within which dazzle when applied.

I’d recommend you to pop this one in your bag as it’s not very long-lasting, perhaps because it’s sheer as opposed to matte! It still leaves a touch of colour once it’s worn off though,  so it’s up to you whether you want to keep it on you at all times. One things for sure, it’s chunky silver casing makes it a worthy addition in your little clutch bag & the other girls will look on envious as you apply it in the toilet mirror!

(; £18.00)



Here’s the brighter of the two colours and I must say that the shade looks even bolder once applied. If you’re aiming to be the Tango trend-setter in your area, than look no further friends. It’s an orangey tone which I can imagine to suit a tan very well and whilst my skin is crying out for some sun, I’ll put it back in my make-up bag until he comes out to play. Any excuse to book a holiday, right?

The lipstick’s texture and wearability is the same to #21 as they both belong to the Joli Rouge Brilliant family, so whatever shade you choose, you’re guaranteed a lipstick that glides on easily with a dewy finish. However, I’d say that the colour does last longer than #21 as it’s naturally brighter and therefore stains the lips a little more when applied.

I’d definitely purchase these lipsticks again, as although they’re going to be hot for Spring; I love how they’re currently keeping my lips moisturised and healthy-looking whilst the cold weather continues to creep…

(; £18.00)



 And then we have Gloss Prodige which is the perfect lip gloss to go over any lipstick shade – especially coral & pink tones – as it stays on even if you accidently lick your lips and locks in colour deliciously. The fruity smell is even more enticing than the lipstick’s, so it’s a good job that it stays on when lip smacking because the smell leads you to believe that it’s going to taste bloody good… (it tastes like nothing, just to let you know).


The wand helps the gloss to glide across lips evenly and I was impressed that I was able to achieve a dewy pout without even looking in a mirror…so whether you’re on a train, a night out or just can’t be arsed to move from where you are, you know you’ll still be looking good due to the ease of the application process!

There’s a slight colour to the gloss, with a peachy sparkle taking over my lips once applied. I’m not sure if it’s totally Valentine’s proof as I remember my ex absolutely hating the feel of lip-gloss when we kissed (ex’s are ex’s for a reason though, right?) but I’m single now & if you’re single too and hate every aspect of the commercial day like me then ‘stick it to the man’ and slap it on my lovelies!

(; £17.00)

Love & Valentines Kisses,




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